Strategy + 1.618 =
The Perfect Life.

The Golden Ratio is the structure for perfect synergy and growth, which is why we have personally adopted this principle as a firm to ensure you live the Perfect Life.

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A Golden Team.

The 1.618 team is made up of highly skilled financial planners, whose objective it is to ensure that you have comprehensive cover in place to protect your family and loved ones. 1.618 Advisory Services will conduct a full financial needs analysis, arriving at the perfect number to create the ideal financial solution specific to you. With services in short-term and life insurance, investments and health care products, we are dedicated to ensuring that you reap paramount benefits through our planners’ professionalism.

Meet The Executives.

Candice Giles

Director of 1.618 Group

At the helm of 1.618 is Candice Giles, whose sheer determination to be successful in business and life means that she doesn’t accept anything less than excellence. Candice heads up operations, training and development within 1.618. These are skills which she gained from years of working her way up within Discovery, where she was repeatedly recognized as one of the top ten consultants in the country. Candice is a believer in creating opportunities, and her journey to leading 1.618, which is one of Discovery’s top associated brokerages is testimony to that. Candice and her brother, Tyrone Hodgson, started 1.618 Advisory Services from the need to create, and leave, a phenomenal legacy. Their partnership is unique in that they have shared the same goals, vision and values from childhood.

Tyrone Hodgson

Director of 1.618 Group

It’s not about the products we sell but rather about the plans around it. The product is secondary to the advice. It will always be about offering appropriate advice versus putting the emphasis on what’s available.’ Tyrone is a detail-oriented person with a desire to be valuable in his business relationships so, over the years, he has identified the intrinsic inner-workings of insurance systems. Through keen observation and his passion for learning, Tyrone has saved his clients hundreds of thousands of rands where others had overlooked ambiguities in the system. Tyrone’s approach is always about educating, growing, assisting and encouraging his clients on many levels. This drive is what has brought Tyrone, and his sister Candice, to head up one of the top three biggest distributing offices that Discovery has to offer. With this position of influence, global reach is a natural evolution as 1.618 secures its place in the financial advisor sector of London.

Lance Starkey

Director of 1.618 Meyersdal

Lance is more than just a financial advisor. To his diverse range of clients, he is authentically passionate about developing trusting relationships and guiding them to financial health. Setting goals and being ready for action, in all situations, is what led Lance to success as a provincial rugby and water-polo player. Subsequently, his ability to excel at coaching both sports resulted in Lance receiving numerous trophies. Lance is a people’s person and respected for his coaching techniques and hands-on-approach to all his client interactions. Taking action to achieve is what sets Lance apart from so many who haven’t had the longevity to succeed in the insurance and financial planning business for 30 years. This same belief and action is the reason that he is consistently ranked as one of Discovery’s top achievers. Lance brings an upbeat positivity to the mix and is set on inspiring his clients to create the lives they want.

Travis Van Zijl

Director of 1.618 Waterfall

Travis is a highly accomplished Financial Planner who has a successful track record in effectively managing Financial Services Franchises and building Advisors. He demonstrates in-depth knowledge of financial planning, retirement and associated wealth planning regulations. Travis holds a post-graduate degree in Financial Planning, he is a two-time achiever of the prominent Discovery Gold Prestige award and a one-time Platinum holder at another Financial Services institution. Having displayed consistent achievement and leadership in his field, Travis was the youngest Franchise Director for another Financial Services firm and is reputed for his work building experienced Planners in becoming exponential in their field, his client offering and ultimately being the best in his class. Travis and his team consistently meet client’s needs and objectives in advocating the need for South Africans to better plan for retirement. Travis leverages strength in complex financial planning and possesses strong strategic planning skills.


We implement sound strategies versus short-term tactics to generate long-term wealth and surety for our clients.


We aim to aid you in achieving your future goals by customising wealth-building solutions for you and your business.


We pride ourselves in providing a holistic solution for each client.

The Golden Ratio.

The “Golden Ratio” is a mathematical proportion expressed algebraically as the ratio 1.618. It is found everywhere in music, art, architecture and nature. French composer Claude Debussy used the Golden Ratio in his Reflets dans l’eau musical piece, Mozart divided a significant number of his sonatas into parts which reflect it, Le Corbusier used it in his architecture, and Leonardo da Vinci used it in his exquisite painting, the Mona Lisa. The ancient Greeks used the Golden Ratio in building the Parthenon, and it was utilised by the Egyptians in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in the twentieth century BC. The ratio is evident in the seed patterns within sunflowers, the leaf arrangement of flower petals, and the spiral structure of the nautilus shell, from which our symbol is derived.

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