Are you financially well?

Posted in Feature Article on Sep 01, 2023

Every doctor will tell you that prevention is better than cure. For the most part, we are all educated around the health risks for example of smoking, or drinking and understand what we need to do, or not to do, to avoid chronic conditions associated with certain behaviours.

But do we understand financial risks in the same way, and do we know how to take precautions against poor financial health? Do we know how or where to educate ourselves about how to avoid getting financially sick? We’re not all qualified to self-diagnose physical ailments, but we know enough to visit a doctor. In the same way, we don’t always know how to fix our financial health, and need a financial advisor to diagnose and to prescribe a course of treatment to help make things better.

There is a direct link between our financial status and our physical and emotional well-being. Constant anxiety over money can produce adverse physical symptoms and mental health issues, so wouldn’t your prefer peace of mind over worry?

Consulting a financial doctor, otherwise known as a financial advisor, is a good step on the path to a financial education that will ensure good financial health and financial freedom today and into the future.

But what does financial freedom mean in practical terms, and how do we achieve it?

Financial freedom isn’t only about how much money you have in the bank to meet your monthly needs and enough to put away for a rainy day. Rather, it means planning for that rainy day, and having structures, policies and accounts in place that will ensure that you can live happily today, secure in the knowledge that yours and your family’s tomorrow is taken care of.

Consulting a financial planner will enable you to put a strategy in place to manage your income in the short term and plan for the long term, including putting policies in place for children’s education and eventual retirement.

Your financial education starts with the right teacher, and that’s a professional financial adviser.

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