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Protect Your Loved Ones With Life Insurance.

Find a Discovery Life Plan to suit your lifestyle at a cost-effective premium.

Life Insurance
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Tailored Protection.

Designed for your age, protect your finances and get rewarded with up to 100% of premiums back for living well.

Financial Protection.

Protect your families livelihood from unexpected life events that may befall you at an affordable premium.

Education Protection.

Cover your child's education in dollars and ensure they have the best schooling options from pre-school to tertiary, locally or internationally.

Your Life in
Perfect Hands.

Your future is unpredictable which makes life a risk we can't help but take. At 1.618 Advisory we take the risk out of life, giving you peace of mind to truly live. Our expert advisors are here to offer expert advice and guidance when it comes to the perfect Life Plan that suits your life stage, budget and dependents.

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Your Perfect Life Insurance Plan.

From Business Assurance to Funeral Insurance, Discovery has the perfect Life Plan to suit your budget and lifestyle needs.
For a personalised premium speak to one of our expert financial advisors today, and start living life, risk-free.

No matter your stage of life, Discovery will protect you with flexible personal financial protection and added benefits for illness and disability. All this at an affordable premium and healthy-living rewards.

Protect your business in the event of your death, disability or severe illness with comprehensive cover that takes care of your employees, bills and any outstanding loans so that your beneficiaries don’t end up with any unforeseen shortfalls.

Life Insurance that covers disability, income protection, unemployment and more, all while ensuring you stay financially protected. Plus, if you live healthily you can earn up to 100% back on your premiums.

Comprehensive offshore Life Insurance that protects you and your family from a life-changing event and pays out in US Dollars with illness and disability benefits. With an added retirement savings benefits that allow you to convert your future health and wellness into offshore financial assets.

Funeral cover with added benefits including a grocery and education payout, baby cover and continued cover for your spouse and children. All this ensures your family remains protected in the event of your death.

The most efficient Life Insurance structure on the market. Customisable and comprehensive, this plan offers clients with more than R10 million in life insurance exclusive benefits, premium payback rewards and access to the best medical treatment in the world.

Discovery’s Global Education Protector covers up to 100% of your child's education in dollars, from crèche through to college in the event of your passing or disability. Not only this, but your child will have access to a range of schools globally, and in South Africa.


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As a juristic representative of Discovery Life, 1.618 Advisory Services is here to help clients live their perfect life by offering professional advice and class-leading Short-Term Insurance, Investments, Estate Administration and more.

An Independent Financial Services Provider dedicated to helping clients secure their wealth by providing world-class Medical Aid, Business Assurance, Investment, Retirement Planning and more.

Strategy + 1.618 Short Term Solutions = Protection Guaranteed. From Car, Household and General Insurance to Business and Commercial Insurance, 1.618 Short Term Solutions is here to help clients live their lives risk-free.

1.618 Advisory Services UK allows you to discover Your Perfect Health to Wellness Ratio. From Investments to Health Insurance and Life Cover, 1.618 Advisory Services UK is here to help clients live happy, healthy lives.

1.618 Wellness gives you access to medical consultations with our qualified medical team, who are there to discuss your wellness concerns, help you manage any existing medical conditions and keep potential problems in check.

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