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Lance Starkey

Director of 1.618 Meyersdal

Lance is more than just a financial advisor. To his diverse range of clients, he is authentically passionate about developing trusting relationships and guiding them to financial health. Setting goals and being ready for action, in all situations, is what led Lance to success as a provincial rugby and water-polo player. Subsequently, his ability to excel at coaching both sports resulted in Lance receiving numerous trophies. Lance is a people’s person and respected for his coaching techniques and hands-on-approach to all his client interactions. Taking action to achieve is what sets Lance apart from so many who haven’t had the longevity to succeed in the insurance and financial planning business for 30 years. This same belief and action is the reason that he is consistently ranked as one of Discovery’s top achievers. Lance brings an upbeat positivity to the mix and is set on inspiring his clients to create the lives they want.