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Choose from a comprehensive suite of Employee Benefits and Risk Solutions for businesses.

Corporate Insurance
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Employee Benefits.

Receive complimentary financial planning for each staff member and help them to achieve their financial goals. When your employees understand that their employers care for them they are happier and, consequently, more productive.

Business Insurance.

Ensure your company is protected with a variety of plans that can be tailored for you from commercial insurance, litigation risk and entity provision to employee retention solutions.

Risk Cover.

Focus on your business knowing that it's protected from unexpected life events and covered from outstanding loans and loss of expertise in the event of your death.

Your Business In
Perfect Hands.

While you’re concentrating on revenue streams and productivity, who is going to take care of your workforce and financial concerns? We, at 1.618 Advisory will. Our expert team of advisors are here to assist you with everything from holistic Business Needs Analysis to advising you on the perfect plan to suit the needs of your business and employees.

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Meet the Needs of Your Business with the Perfect Insurance.

From Employee Medical Aid to Business Assurance, Discovery has the perfect plan to suit the needs of your business and ensure its growth. For a personalised premium speak to one of our expert financial advisors today.

Quality employer-funded healthcare products for employees, from affordable Medical Aid and Gap Cover to bespoke products like FlexiCare and Healthcare funds.

Maximise your employee's retirement outcomes with comprehensive investment funds. Plus, depending on the income of your employee's you can receive up to 100% discount on fees.

Comprehensive life cover for business owners to ensure the financial wellness of your business inclusive of a disability benefit that pays up to100% of your insured amount.

Protect your employees and your business with a comprehensive range of benefits from life cover to severe illness cover. Plus, our Risk Management pricing techniques offer sustainable premiums.

Comprehensive business risk cover that protects you from a variety of losses from embezzlement to third-party claims as a result of negligence, or the actions of those acting on behalf of your business.

A data-driven product unique to Discovery that combats absenteeism and promotes optimal employee happiness and productivity. Covers your employee's physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, financial wellbeing as well as Legal support.