Get Covered by South Africa's Leading Medical Aid.

Choose from Discovery's medical aid options for comprehensive health insurance and private hospital cover, with the added expertise of a skilled advisor.

Medical Insurance

Personalised Plans.

Choose from 23 Discovery Health options. Each one fulfils specific benefits based on your life stage, budget and health needs.

Private Hospital Cover.

Every Discovery Health plan includes unlimited Hospital Cover to ensure you stay on the road to Perfect Health no matter what life throws at you.

Financially Friendly.

Compared to other South African medical schemes you pay 16.4% less with Discovery Health, and that's a fact.

Your Health In
Perfect Hands.

Your health is your single most important asset and your greatest wealth. We, at 1.618 Advisory are here to help ensure your health stays perfect by guiding you through Discovery's health plans and advising you on an option that suits your life stage, budget and dependents.

Your Perfect Health Insurance Plan.

From comprehensive private healthcare insurance to hospital cover, Discovery has the perfect plan to suit your budget and personal health needs.

The most extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits. Discovery's Executive plan rewards you with prestigious benefits like extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

All inclusive day-to-day and in-hospital cover that pays for your chronic medicine with an unlimited above Threshold Benefit.

A Discovery hospital plan with a difference, covering essential chronic medicine and day-to-day benefits with a limited Above Threshold Benefit.

A Medical Savings Account covers your essential chronic medicine cover and day-to-day benefits with this affordable hospital insurance plan.

Discovery’s Core Series is an affordable hospital plan with cover for your essential chronic medicine.

Budget medical insurance for in-hospital and day-to-day services via providers in a specified network with essential chronic medicine cover.

Discovery's most affordable medical insurance that covers in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatments via providers in a specified network.

Unlock Exclusive Member Benefits.

It's no secret that Discovery Health is one of the best Medical Schemes in the South African market today. Not only do they offer affordable plans that can be personalised to suit your specific medical needs but you're rewarded for being healthy too!

Unlimited Hospital Cover.

You're covered for any planned or non-emergency hospital admissions as well as day-to-day expenses like GP and specialist face-to-face and video call consultations, everyday medicine, radiology and pathology. *The level of cover depends on the plan you choose.

A Specialist Network.

When you use a discovery network hospital or specialist you're covered in full for GP'S and specialists. Avoid co-payments when claiming for medicine on Discovery's approved list by purchasing medicine via a MedXpress network pharmacy or one of over 2 500 pharmacies in our network. Cover depends on your chosen plan.

Perfect Care.

Extra care is given to members who are pregnant or have a chronic illness or cancer with a support network and extensive cover for these conditions.

Outstanding Rewards.

Stay active, eat well and take part in health checks and you'll be rewarded with cashback, vouchers for food, online shopping, flights and holidays and more!