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Invest with 1.618 and Discovery to increase your retirement savings by up to 60%.

Retirement Planning
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A Personal Approach.

A comprehensive solution that prepares you for all aspects of your retirement based on your specific needs and goals.

Extra Retirement Income.

Convert your life cover from your Discovery Life Plan into extra tax -free income in retirement.

A Protected Investment.

Ensure your money is kept safe until you retire and that it remains protected from potential creditors.

Your Future In Perfect Hands.

Retiring isn't just about saving for a rainy day, it's about seeing your destination in mind and achieving all of your goals to successfully reach that destination. We at 1.618 Advisory Services not only assist you in achieving your goals but we ensure your transition from working to retirement is as effortless as possible.

Your Perfect Retirement Plan.

Building a stable structure for your retirement is a life decision that is never too late or too early to make, and with a minimum investment amount of R500, you can start earning rewards that boost your retirement savings of up to 60%.

Income Goals Achieved.

Assistance in planning the actions and decisions needed to achieve your retirement income goals including, identifying sources of income, estimating expenses, implementing a savings program, and managing assets.

Unique Discovery Funds.

With over 200 unique funds to choose from, we guarantee that you will always get at least 80% of the highest unit price your chosen fund has ever reached, giving you the peace of mind that if the markets were to fall, your investment value would be protected.

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Invest for longer and more.

Boost your retirement savings up to 60% by converting unused life cover into yearly tax-free payments in your retirement. What's more, receive a boost of up to 25% to your retirement income if you suffer a severe illness or disability in retirement.

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