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Diversify your investments with the help of multiple Investment Managers and Discovery's partnership with prestigious companies.

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Diversify your portfolio by investing in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros and receive a higher return.

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Silent the 'what ifs?' and live your life to the fullest knowing your wealth is in capable hands. We, at 1.618 Advisory are here to help ensure your wealth grows by guiding you through Discovery's saving and Investment Plans as well as advising you on an option that suits your wealth goals.

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Your Perfect Investment Plan.

From Flexible Investment and Offshore funds to Retirement Plans, Discovery has the perfect plan to suit your personal wealth goals.

Depending on which plan you choose you can receive up to 50% more income for your retirement and if you have Life Cover with us you can convert your unused Life Insurance into tax-free cash payments.

Get access to a wide range of funds, managed by 1.618 Advisory and Discovery with a medium-term investment of at least five years. Plus, you'll be rewarded the longer you stay invested and a boost up to 26% on your initial lump-sum investment.

Gain access to a range of global funds and diversify your investment by geography, asset class and currency with withdrawals at any time. Plus, Discovery will invest an extra 7.5% on your initial lump-sum contribution.

Get a head start with your investments and grow your money faster with discounts up to 100% on your fees.

Know exactly where your investment will be five years from now with a Guaranteed Investment Plan. You'll also have access to above-market returns.