Protect Your Loved Ones with Discovery Estate Preserver.

Choose from our Will and Estate options and ensure your loved ones remain protected long after you're gone.

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Last Will and Testament.

Draft your Last Will and Testament for free and ensure it remains up to date and there are no legal conflicts or unnecessary delays after you're gone.

Deceased Estate Benefits.

Enjoy reduced costs for deceased estate administration including, executor fees, trustee remuneration and conveyance costs.

Immediate Liquidity Benefit.

Your family will never find themselves dealing with frozen bank accounts after your death. Cash can be withdrawn within 48 hours of a claim, or anytime thereafter.

Your Legacy In
Perfect Hands.

Ensure your legacy is protected and your loved ones are well looked after once you’ve passed on with 1.618 Advisory Services and Discovery Estate Preserver. Our expert advisors are here to guide you through each option and advise you on an option that suits your unique legacy.

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Leave Behind the Perfect Legacy.

The Discovery Estate Preserver protects your family and estate after your death in order to ensure your Will is carried out exactly as you intended, all for a monthly premium with no hidden costs attached.

The essential services such as, free Last Will & Testaments, deceased Estate administration and related Estate fiduciary functions which can be discounted up to 100% through our unique insurance products.

Receive a discount of up to 100% on your estate fees and ensure your loved ones won't be left with the added burden of unpaid bills. Plus, they will have access to all the professional services needed to transfer your estate.

An extender benefit that provides more cover for final expenses such as the funeral, travel and monthly bills. This includes costs related to a spouse, child, parent or even parents-in-law. In the case of your life, you can top-up your liquidity and fee protection needs for a nominal cost each month.

A unique extender benefit that provides your loved ones with a monthly payment for a period of 12 months. These funds do not mix with the Estate’s late bank account where liquidity restrictions mean that the Executor may not be able to use these funds to pay your family’s bills each month.

Provides for unlimited fee indemnification and life cover when both spouses pass away. Savings will be used to pay off any inheritance taxes if applicable, and any surplus funds will be put towards the estate administration or for the benefit of your beneficiaries.