Don't let money control you. Empower yourself and control your money.

Posted in Feature Article on Jul 01, 2023

On becoming financially and emotionally healthy

They say money is the root of all evil, but in fact it is more frequently the root of all anxiety. Financial empowerment is about eliminating this source of anxiety and setting you on a path to greater economic as well as emotional stability.

We talk about having a ‘relationship’ with money and like any other relationship, to make us feel good about ourselves it must be healthy and functional. When there is an imbalance in a relationship, one person’s emotional health is at risk. There is no place for control in human relationships, of one person establishing dominance over another, but in our relationship with money, establishing control is key to good financial and emotional health. When we are empowered, we free ourselves from the control that money, or the perceived lack of money, exerts over us.

Being financially empowered brings peace of mind, allowing us to function better at work, in our family lives and daily activities.

With financial freedom comes emotional stability. Whether you are only just making ends meet at the end of the month or are earning a six-figure salary, your money must still work for you. The correlation between being financially disempowered and emotional poverty is real, but if you take back control of your money you can enjoy economic and emotional stability.

Achieving financial well being

Setting up a properly structured financial plan will allow you to live your best life, within your means and to your chosen standard of living. Perhaps you aspire to a bigger car, or to travel overseas, or simply want to ensure that you are prepared for rainy days. By effecting behavioural change, we can break cycles of poor financial decision making. Financial empowerment starts with setting new goals and taking actionable steps to put you on a lifelong path to emotional well-being.

If you are feeling more controlled by your money than in control of your finances and are looking to put your relationship with money on a better footing, a financial planner can help you focus, define and achieve your goals.

Take control today!