Investing in yourself as well as in your future

Posted in Feature Article on Jul 31, 2023

It used to be that making an advantageous marriage was all a woman needed to secure her future. Today, with all the independence that we enjoy, we are free to forge our own careers, earn our own money and do with it what we will. That’s not to say we should let our newfound freedoms go to our heads and be careless with our wealth. Self-empowerment also requires discipline and self-control. We make a plan and as far as possible take actionable steps to achieve our goals. We remain confident and focused and act with purpose.

If however, you are unsure about certain areas of your life, it is equally as empowering to find a professional that can assist and guide you. It might be in the area of health and wellness, nutrition or childcare.

It might also be that financial planning is not your strong point. In this case, you should consult a professional financial advisor that can help you make good financial decisions to enable you to live comfortably in the present and to prepare for the future security of your family and yourself in eventual retirement.

Whatever stage you are at in your lifecycle, it is never too late – and definitely never too soon – to start planning for your future. When you are young, you have time on your side and so at the same time as traveling, experiencing new people and places, it is worth taking some of that time, and some of your money to think about starting an investment portfolio. Even starting with small amounts, over time, can build up into a substantial nest egg. Your financial advisor will be able to give you the best advice on what investment vehicles or platforms to put your money into.

As women, it’s important that we protect and take care of ourselves and above all invest in ourselves, in the literal as well as figurative sense. We must always rely on our own wits and therefore making wise financial choices early in life will benefit us later.

After all, we should always plan for the worst, and hope for the best!

Speak to an investment advisor who will guide you and walk with you on your journey to self-empowerment.